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Min – May 2023

The Algeria tour was fantastic. The sites I visited were awesome.  All my guides were knowledgeable and excellent communicators.  I couldn’t have asked for better ones.

Miles – May 2023

Overall, a really great trip. Will certainly remember all the great sites, and police escorting in Algeria! Thank you to all the people who organized and guided this tour.

Janae & Tyler – May 2023

We would absolutely recommend Mosaic North Africa to others interested in visiting Algeria! Thanks for your help in making this trip happen…

Bill – May 2023

I had a great time on the trip. It was well organized. It was evident that everyone sincerely wanted me to have an enjoyable experience and put forth their maximum effort to make that happen.

Christian – May 2023

Overall, it was a great visit, expertly organized with good hotels and superb guides. This was my second trip with Mosaic North Africa, and I’d gladly take another one in the future.

Paul – March 2023

Basically, the trip was great and my experiences special. For the most part, you did an excellent job supplying me with information about what I could expect and how the trip would proceed.

Naomi – October 2022

Our camping experience in the deep south of Algeria was like a dream for our family! Thank you Mosaic North Africa / Algeria Travel and Tours… we sure hope to be back soon!

William – October 2022

Thank you team Mosaic North Africa for bringing dreams into reality with the best tour package I have ever been a part of in all my travels. I will have no problem recommending Mosaic North Africa to everyone who desires a world-class tour experience.

Isabel – October 2022

Highly recommend going on a trip with Mosaic North Africa. They will definitely cater to your interests and give you a tour that you will enjoy!

Ayden – October 2022

I am so thankful to have planned my Algeria travels with Mosaic North Africa. It was packed with excitement, history, and sights.

Victor – March 2020

The most spectacular view of the trip was the oasis. I was so impressed by the oasis and the natural beauty of its existence. It’s definitely in my top ten experiences overall.

Dawn – February 2020

The most spectacular view of the trip was the oasis. I was so impressed by the oasis and the natural beauty of its existence. It’s definitely in my top ten experiences overall.

Ramon – November 2019

The trip was amazing!  I really enjoyed it from beginning to end and felt very well taken care of, especially by Azzedine and Mustafa.

Art – November 2019

I highly recommend camping at least two nights out, and not just one as we had expected. Lots of stars to see and you feel free in the wide open.

Mark – October 2019

Thank you for making this trip happen! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that wouldn’t have happened without your help!

April – May 2019

Communicating with you through the whole process of trip selection was a pleasure. You were unbelievably prompt and succinct with your replies, telling me, always, just what I needed to know.

Arvid & Sophia – May 2019

The general experience was very positive. The guide and driver kept us safe and informed. All events were on time and the information…

Jill & Robert – April 2019

We must say how wonderfully helpful Kevin Dyck was in putting together our visit to Algeria. He was extremely prompt and reliable in responding to our queries.

Mary – March 2019

All in all a trip I won’t forget. I knew only the bare bones of present-day Algeria and it was completely an eye-opening adventure to be there as well of course the Roman sites which I think are unrivaled anywhere.

Alex – April 2018

I can tell you that I absolutely would and will recommend Mosaic to friends who are thinking of going to North Africa. You made this yet another memorable experience for me.

Carol – January 2018

I am grateful for a wonderful trip to Algeria. Mosaic did a very good job of developing this for me…

Meg – October 2017

Mosaic North Africa made this trip so easy and stress-free to organize and I would definitely recommend these tours. Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience in an incredible country!

John – March 2017

Mosaic North Africa and its Algerian partner did a great job in planning and bringing about a marvelous tour of Algeria. I shall be happy to recommend them to others.

Mark – March 2017

A great success. Ahcicene and Qadr were excellent in different ways. Ahcicene is a consummate professional with a deft line in gently managing foreigners. Highly efficient and unfailing gentle good humour.

ST – March 2017

It was a great trip! The tour of the Kasbah was one of our highlights! The guide and the driver were fantastic!!

Christian – March 2017

…the tour was fantastic, and Ahcicene and Kader were superb guides. I was extremely happy with the experience. Thanks for your help!

Robert & Angela – November 2016

We found the people pleasant, our guides knowledgeable, accommodations excellent, and all arrangements well made. I certainly recommend your company most highly.

David – March 2016

Highlights included the people who were polite and pleasant, the rich Roman mosaics as well as the plethora of lesser-known Roman sites…

Paul – March 2014

Our group leaders, travel guides, and the sites we saw, however, made for a unique and wonderful experience that it is unlikely to be duplicated by the average tourist.

John – March 2014

The itinerary was extremely well organized and the trip was successful in every respect. The services provided by Mr. Amirouche, Mr. Fayçal, and Mr. Wahid were outstanding.

Stephen – March 2014

Essentially, for every ranking for any service that was provided by you, Fayçal, Wahid, and Amirouche, I would give the highest without exception.

Joseph & Erika – October 2013

Our tour was a great success, Roman sites without any tourists, unheard of. Great tour guides and very friendly people.

Michael – May 2013

…thank you very much for organizing a great trip to Algeria — everything ran smoothly and it was a great pleasure…

Caroline – March 2013

Ahmed was an EXCELLENT driver, among the best I’ve had on numerous tours in Morocco and Algeria.

Eric – March 2013

…Mr. Faycal was an excellent tour guide who managed our needs with professionalism and care.

Robin – June 2012

Again, I really trust and like these folks. Kevin is a treasure…

Lea – June 2012

…I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I’m so glad I went, and I will certainly recommend Mosaic North Africa to others.

Nathan – June 2012

I really appreciated the prompt feedback during the planning phase of the trip, especially since my itinerary following the stay in Algeria was more extensive than the other members on the trip.

Jennifer – June 2012

In terms of my experience with MNA, I found the service excellent from beginning to end. Everything was laid out clearly, payment was easy, and questions were answered promptly and effectively…

Miles Lewis – October 2011

I personally had a very successful trip. I saw much more and learned much more than I expected.