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Chuck – October 2023

Chuck – October 2023

Customer Review

Chuck F. - Group Algeria Tour to Tamanrasset and Ahaggar Mountains

October 2023

The trip was epic! I’m really grateful for your work arranging all of it and helping us all navigate the different variables and moving pieces. A great group, great guides, and a great time! I can’t say enough about how great Rafik was in Algiers. Knowledgeable, humble and patient with all kinds of questions and requests. And clearly sensitive to some of the intangible dynamics of leading a group. An awesome blend of local knowledge and experience with great English and experience engaging with foreigners in a respectful and helpful way. I wish we could have had more time with him and in the city of Algiers! Hopefully next time!
The south was amazing as well. Mustapha obviously helped tie the whole together with his ability to communicate, joke around, and interpret things for us. But the other guides were great too, providing the authentic flavor. In the end, I think it was a great blend of moving and seeing new things with a good amount of time to sit and relax and get good nights of rest.

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