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Jennifer – June 2012

Jennifer – June 2012

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June 2012

What a fantastic trip! Every single day, I said, ‘The cost of the trip was worth it for this day alone.’ I had known that Algeria had some fascinating sites, but every single place surprised me (in a good way) with so much that I had not anticipated. At the end of the trip, many of us were agreeing that we could go back to the same sites and still find more to marvel at; we had barely scratched the surface. Having been to Tunisia so many times and having read about Algeria and Morocco extensively, I had thought that I knew North Africa. But were my assumptions ever challenged by what I saw on this trip.

In terms of my experience with MNA, I found the service excellent from beginning to end. Everything was laid out clearly, payment was easy, and questions were answered promptly and effectively… The extra effort to which you and Mr. Faycal went to get us into additional sites and to get us photo permission was greatly appreciated. You personally were very personable and your previous experience in the country went a long way to establishing a comfortable baseline for the activities of each day.

…particularly since Algeria is not set up for tourism, I also appreciate the lengths to which you went to ensure that we could buy lunch and water supplies, make pit stops on long bus trips, and so forth.

…I don’t know what you thought, but on the tours that I have led, I couldn’t have asked for more!

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