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Is It Safe to Travel in Algeria?

Is It Safe Traveling in Algeria?

Algeria is not often on people’s ‘Must-See’ list of places to visit, largely due to assumed security concerns.  While there are places in Algeria that are currently not recommended for travel, the majority of Algeria is ready, waiting, and very safe for you to enjoy and discover.

Mosaic North Africa and our Algeria travel partners abide by Algerian government advisory and DO NOT offer travel to regions that are off-limits to tourists.

Before Your Tour

Before you travel to Algeria, our Algeria travel partners will submit your tour program to the necessary authorities to receive official permission for travel to regions listed on your itinerary. The local authorities will be notified about your visit and may send police escorts or armed guards to accompany you during the trip. Security escorts are mandatory for some sites, such as the UNESCO World Heritage site of Djemila.

You may also want to register with your country’s embassy in Algeria, informing them of your time in Algeria.

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While on Tour

While traveling with ground transportation and at your site visits, armed guards and/or police escorts may accompany you. These government-assigned guards are there to put you at ease in your travels and to remind the world of Algeria’s commitment to peace and security within their borders.  Our travelers to Algeria have enjoyed the friendly welcome and hospitality from the local police and population in general.

If you are accompanied by security escorts, please note that this DOES NOT mean that there are any imminent threats. Enjoy the tour as usual as security escorts are often required during the trip.

An English-speaking private guide/translator will be with you during your tour and is ready and available to serve you! Our guides are proud of their incredible country and want our travelers to experience the unique history and cultures found throughout the region.

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Travel Advisories

As with all travel there are risks and situations can occur beyond the control of any travel company and their partners. We recommend travelers read through Algeria travel advisories and assume that travel includes risk. Below you will find a list of your passport country’s travel advisories.





Ready for You to Discover

As one of our client’s said, ‘Algeria is an undiscovered/unpolished gem.’

Contact us to plan your authentic private tour and experience the wonders of Algeria.

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