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Arvid & Sophia – May 2019

Arvid & Sophia – May 2019

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Arvid & Sophia

May 2019

The general experience was very positive. Saw Roman Sites as expected in context with the modern Algerian reality. The guide and driver kept us safe and informed. All events were on time (we were the only cause of any delays) and the information provided filled our heads to almost overflow. A good relationship to becoming a visitor and not just a tourist in Algeria.

The focus of your travels was the old sites, mostly Roman, and we were amazed. All our expectations were met and exceeded. Wonderful and well selected and presented. We all filled our cameras and minds and hearts with the history and the extent of the beauty of the sites and their surroundings….

Azedine was appropriately enthusiastic about Algeria. He introduced us to date sellers, fresh oranges of quality, and good banana vendors. We saw the widespread protests from a safe distance but with helpful commentary. When we asked to make changes in the plan due to the rain forecast or our interests, they were accommodated as often as possible without complaint. While driving or walking, our “what is that?” questions were answered or even anticipated and we felt informed. We also enjoyed the local side trips that were not on the formal schedule because of the flavor of Algeria they gave us. Especially interesting was the hot spring tour where we were treated to boiling eggs, fresh while joining Algerians out for a fun day. Azedine tailored his approach to us at a high level of information that matched our desires.

We always felt safe…. The inter-relationship with the security forces was smooth and of no concern to us. Thanks to all of them.

Thanks to Azedine for his friendship and informative guidance. Our driver was equally attentive. We wish all the best to them and to Algeria.

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