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Ayden – October 2022

Selfie in cave

Ayden – October 2022

Customer Review

Ayden (Group of 9)

October 2022

What an incredible trip!

I am so thankful to have planned my Algeria travels with Mosaic North Africa. It was packed with excitement, history, and sights. I was truly blown away by how much they were able to pack into my 12 days. Not a moment was wasted.

When I arrived, the local guide team greeted me and was so kind. They worked at my own pacing. They taught me about Algeria’s history, from Roman ruins to French occupations. Everything was pre-arranged, we even had police escorts in some places.

My highlight was undoubtedly the 4-day desert camping. Very few can say they went so deep into the Sahara Desert. We traveled by 4×4 to see numerous ancient cave drawings, hike massive sand dunes, and camp under the stars… all the meals were delicious, and cooked fresh. It was perfect. A time I will not forget, and I certainly could not have planned it myself.


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