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Miles – May 2023

Miles – May 2023

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May 2023

I’m really excited to go over my pictures from Algeria and Tunisia. I had a fantastic time! M’hammed the driver was a good fit for the job. He was social and generous and on time every day. He went out of his way to show us sites in Constantine and even treated us to local snacks. Rafic, Lemia, Brahem, and briefly Mohammed were all very professional and gave insight as An Algerian, well as in depth knowledge about the sites. Rafic was well versed and prepared, Lemia has great insight into general questions about Algeria, Brahem answered specific questions about unique ways of life in Ghardaia region, and Mohamed provided local insight. Ahcicene was a very generous and inviting host. It was very nice being greeted and departed with his company, as well as being available throughout the trip.
The sites in Algeria were phenomenal and I would recommend to anyone considering a trip to Algeria.
For Tunisia, Nadhem was a good guide and very casual. He took care of everything for the tour- guiding and driving. We ate a lot of fast food and saw a lot of Bacchus. It was more like traveling with a friend than a guide, and I would have liked to have made special stops like when I requested to stop for specialty dates before the airport. The sites were very good, and we left at a good time every morning so that we had sites to ourselves, which is a big plus.
The main highlights were Timgad and Djemila, Constantine mosque, Ghardaia was quite different, and the amphitheater in El Jem.
Overall, a really great trip. Will certainly remember all the great sites, and police escorting in Algeria! Thank you to all the people who organized and guided this tour.

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