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Frequently Asked Questions

Algeria Travel & Tours

Frequently Asked Questions

Algeria Travel & Tours has done its best to address the many questions you might have when planning for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Please check out the topics we’ve listed below. If you still have specific questions or are ready to inquire about booking a tour with us, please send us a message!

Pre-Trip Planning

When planning a trip to Algeria, it is important to decide on a tour a few months ahead of time in order for your tourist visas to be processed in time. We recommend deciding on a tour at least 4-6 months before your departure date. Mosaic North Africa’s partners in Algeria will send you the necessary paperwork to apply for your Algeria tourist visas as well as notify the Algerian embassy in your country about your visa application.

Scheduled Group Tours

Algeria Travel & Tours only provides private tours. You travel with only those you know and plan to travel with whether that be a significant other, family, or just good friends. We plan your private tour around your travel schedule.

Custom Itineraries

Custom itineraries are absolutely possible. Most of our customers begin with one of our pre-built itineraries. However, modifications can be made to our itineraries to better suit your interests and available travel time. Algeria Travel & Tours is all about the communication and customer relationship. When you are ready to explore more, contact us and we’ll begin building the perfect itinerary for you!

Solo Travel

Traveling alone can be a rewarding experience. Algeria Travel & Tours has served solo travelers throughout North Africa. However, as each of our tour packages includes accomodations, a private driver, and a tour guide, the solo traveler will need to cover these expenses on their own. If you decide to travel solo, we would love to help you plan your unforgettable vacation.

Family Travel

Families traveling with children are welcome to visit Algeria. It is a great country for kids to run through the fields, explore old Roman ruins, and dig their feet into the desert sand.

Guides & Translators

Algeria Travel & Tours provides an English-speaking translator or an English-speaking professional guide for your tour. Our English-speaking translator will travel with you for your tour and be available to help out where needed. Also, many site guides speak French or Arabic so our translator will do their best for you to understand the vast array of information at each site. Both our translators and guides will be available to answer any of your questions and take care of any logistical details. Often by the end of a tour your guide and/or translator will become a great friend and unique bridge into local culture.


The majority of Algeria is ready and waiting for you to discover. All travels within Algeria are submitted and cleared in advance through the government. Armed guards and/or police escorts accompany tours while you are en-route during ground transportation and your site visits to make sure all places you visit will be safe. These guards are required by the government and are there to put you at ease while you travel. In our experiences traveling in Algeria, we have not had any safety concerns and enjoyed the friendly welcome and hospitality from the local police and population in general.


Algeria hosts magnificent museums that are bursting with incredible mosaics, statues, and other historical artifacts. It is important to note that many of the museums’ written descriptions are in French and photography is prohibited in most museums. If you would like special permission to photograph in a museum you will need to ask the museum director at the site if photographs are allowed. Your English-speaking guide will serve as a translator to make the experiences as meaningful as possible.

Impromptu Excursions

Many travelers are used to taking impromptu walks and excursions, even if they are on a private tour. We ask that you respect the tour program because it has been cleared by the necessary authorities. If you need to leave the hotel for any reason, PLEASE notify your guide or tour manager; it is likely they will accompany you.


Flights within Algeria using Air Algiere provide a good service. However, it is important to be prepared for flight delays. Algeria is also putting in a new train system, which many find to be both comfortable and a great way to see the countryside. Depending on group size we have reliable ground transportation ranging from comfortable buses to smaller 15-passenger vehicles as well.


International airfare bookings and expenses are the responsibility of the client. Algeria Travel & Tours does not provide international flight services. Once in-country, necessary domestic flights are included in your custom tour. The cost of the domestic airfare will already be calculated into the cost of your tour package.


Algeria Travel & Tours tries its best to make your tour as seamless as possible. We do not provide travel insurance in your tour package. However, we highly recommend you consider purchasing travel insurance from a reputable provider as various factors can create unforeseeable situations.


Algeria Travel & Tours will need your flight information when booking your tour. When you arrive in Algiers, a private driver will meet you outside the airport arrivals doors. You will then be transferred in your private vehicle to your hotel in Algiers for your first night.

Why Choose Us

Our private tours are designed for you to experience the authentic Algeria. Our private tours are organized by professionals living in Tunisia and our Canadian tour manager, Kevin Dyck, has traveled extensively in Algeria himself. We know our Algeria travel partners and they will serve our clients to provide an Algeria trip of a lifetime! Unlike other group tours, private tours are customized with your travel needs and preferences in mind. Choose your travel schedules and amend the tour itinerary anyway you want. Don’t waste your valuable travel time waiting for public transportation that could be delayed. We employ the most experienced and knowledgale drivers and tours guides to provide you with superb service and an unforgettable time in Algeria!


As a general rule, non-Muslims are not allowed inside mosques in Algeria. Non-Muslims are only allowed to visit the inside of a mosque if your tour guide receives permission ahead of time. Visitors to mosques should dress in modest clothing and respect the rules and guidelines of the mosques.

Summer Travel

Due to the extreme heat during the Summer, Algeria Travel & Tours will not bring travelers to the desert in July.

Additionally, travel to Algeria in August is generally not a great idea. Therefore we do not operate tours during this month. If you are committed to visiting North Africa in the Summer, we recommend exploring either Morocco or Tunisia as tour options through our parent company, Mosaic North Africa.

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