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Algeria Travel & Tours is a subsidiary of Mosaic North Africa, a Canadian tour company specializing in culturally engaging custom-designed tours in North Africa including Morocco, Algeria, & Tunisia. All our tours help our customers discover, experience, and learn from the rich cultural traditions in North Africa.

In 2009 Kevin Dyck, owner of Mosaic North Africa, and a friend went to Algeria on a personal trip to ‘follow in the footsteps’ of Saint Augustine. Amazed by the rich history and cultures in Algeria, Kevin and his friend teamed up to form Mosaic North Africa with a specific focus on creating private tours to the unforgettable historical and cultural sites in Algeria.

Our team has grown since we began and now we have more than a combined fifteen years of living in Morocco and Tunisia, with multiple trips to Algeria.  We have a team of fantastic local partners who make it their goal to serve our customers to the best of their ability.

Our Company Principles

All of our tours enable our clients to learn from and experience Algeria’s rich cultural and religious heritage.

MNA’s foundational business principles are a commitment to integrity, openness and honesty in all business dealings. We believe in responsible tourism and desire that all of our clients respect the traditions, cultures, and country laws of their travel destinations. Our aim is that all of our work be done with trust and accountability. It is our hope that all our travelers will come as learners ready for a wonderful adventure. Whatever you hope to glean from your encounter with this region, we trust you will see, experience and ENJOY the many pieces that make up the beautiful ‘Mosaic’ of North Africa.

Passionate About Travel


Kevin Dyck

Owner & North Africa Tours Director

Kevin Dyck is the owner of Mosaic North Africa, Algeria Travel & Tours' parent company. Kevin and his family lived in Morocco for 3 years before moving to Tunisia where he works ‘on the ground’ in North Africa to provide the most amazing tours, accommodations, and service to all clients. Kevin & his family have lived in North Africa for over 10 years.

Sales & Marketing Manager

Joshua Mok

Sales & Marketing Manager

Joshua is passionate about travel. Speaking 6 languages, he loves to travel and experience the world through cultural immersion. With his business marketing acumen, Joshua loves to help others discover and learn from the rich cultural and historical heritage in North Africa. Joshua has lived the past 5 years in Africa with the past 3 years in Tunisia.

Our Knowledgable Team

Having lived in Morocco & Tunisia and touring Algeria, we are uniquely qualified to help you plan your vacation in North Africa. We have experienced the grandeur of Algeria first-hand and want no more than to share our experiences with you.

Living and working in North Africa gives us the endless opportunity to learn and discover the cultural and historical richness in North Africa’s traditions. We are fully committed to growing our understanding of the languages, cultures, and peoples of Algeria.

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