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Mary – March 2019

Mary standing in front of arch at Timgad archeological site

Mary – March 2019

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March 2019

The trip was fabulous. Thank you for everything…

First the guides. Azeddine was a spectacular guide and driver. An exceptional guide to the archaeological sites and a wonderful guide to present-day Algerian politics and life. We couldn’t have asked for more. The guides were very proud of their countries and wanted us to see the best of them. Obviously, Algeria was going through an amazing time and we felt very caught up in the demonstrations and the excitement; we were thrilled to be there at that time. They seem to be making progress but the road to change is difficult as can be seen in present Tunisia…

The ruins were beyond our wildest expectations. The quality of the restorations was breathtaking and the mosaics were exceptional.

Also, March was a wonderful time to go as the spring flowers were everywhere and the warm days were perfect. We had a couple of cold days with snow in the mountains so warm clothes were essential…

As far as security was concerned we felt totally safe every minute. The guides were in touch with the authorities constantly it seemed and the cities felt very safe. So that issue for me at least was a non-issue. All in all a trip I won’t forget. I knew only the bare bones of present-day Algeria and it was completely an eye-opening adventure to be there as well of course the Roman sites which I think are unrivaled anywhere.

I would totally recommend the trip with the exception of a few of the hotels… So thank you for everything.

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