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David – March 2016

David – March 2016

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March 2016

Highlights included the people who were polite and pleasant, the rich Roman mosaics (which seemed on the floors and walls at every museum at most sites) as well as the plethora of lesser-known Roman sites where I was the only foreigner present and often the only one there apart from my guide. This included Hippo Regius (ties to St. Augustine), Khemissa (as a swimmer, the coolest ~ 50-meter Roman lap pool I’ve seen), Madaure, Lambesis, and the Nubian Mausoleum of Madracen. The Unesco Roman Sites of Timgad, Tipaza, and Djemila were expansive and offered some pretty scenic settings but could have benefited from more written explanations or English guidebooks. As for non-antiquities, the National Museum in Algiers was a good warm-up for the relatively recent tumultuous history of the land, the hot Sulpher springs at Hammam Meskoutine gave me a close-up view not permissible at Yellowstone in the litigious United States and the deep Rhumel Gorge in Constantine provided a sense of perspective via a series of impressive bridge spans.

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