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Victor – March 2020

Overlooking harbor of Oran

Victor – March 2020

Customer Review


March 2020

The trip to North Africa was amazing! This was my first time experiencing Algeria and Tunisia. I’ve visited Morocco several times, so I had somewhat of an idea of what to expect culturally before my visit to Algeria and Tunisia.

Algeria was definitely fun, but interesting. Mohammad and I were able to visit most of the sites scheduled however, with the current health situation we were restricted from visiting some of the monuments in the last few days of the tour. However, Mohammad, my guide, was amazing! Mohammad was definitely attentive to my needs from the time I arrived until I departed Algeria. Mohammad was knowledgeable about the history, youth, food, sports, and culture of Algeria. Djanet was quite interesting. Sidi Ali, my guide was very helpful in my arrival and departure from Djanet. Although there were language barriers I was able to enjoy the time in the desert. The desert was amazing. The most spectacular view of the trip was the oasis. I was so impressed by the oasis and the natural beauty of its existence. It’s definitely in my top ten experiences overall.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed northern Africa, there are some beautiful and humble individuals here. I hope to visit next year or whenever the current restrictions from the health crisis are lifted.

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