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Discover Algeria Tour

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12 Days ~ 11 Nights
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    Domestic Flights
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    Security Escort Where Needed (determined by Tour Manager)
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Tour Plan

Arrival - Algiers
Grande Poste in Algiers

Grande Poste in Algiers

Arrive to the historic city of Algiers and transfer to the hotel. If you have a morning arrival, your guide will take you on a city tour, which may include the historic Notre Dame d’Afrique, Palais des Rais, and a visit to the Bardo museum, which is set in a beautiful Moorish villa. Accomodation options: 3, 4, 5-stars
Algiers - Tipaza - Cherchell - Tomb of the Christian - Algiers
After breakfast, you will depart for the UNESCO World Heritage Roman site of Tipaza. This is arguably one of the most picturesque archaeological sites in the country. Located beside the clear Mediterranean Sea and mountains, Tipaza was originally founded by the Phoenicians and later became an important commercial center for the Romans. Explore the archeological site, which includes the largest basilica in North Africa and the Basilica of St Salsa, who was a local martyr in the 4th century. Continue to Cherchell to visit two archaeological museums. When you are ready you will travel back to Algiers. On the way, you will explore the, pyramid-like structure, Tomb of the Christian (royal mausoleum of Mauritania). Accomodation options: 3, 4, 5-stars
Algiers - Annaba
Step back in time as you explore unforgettable sites throughout Algiers. Star with a visit to the Bardo Musuem which is set in a beautiful neo-Moorish villa and the Museum of Antiquities and Islamic Art. Continue in the afternoon to the UNESCO World Heritage Casbah and historic mosques. If time remains in the day stop by the arts and crafts museum. Travel to the Algiers airport and depart for Annaba. Upon arrival to Annaba, transfer to the hotel. Accomodation options: 3, 4, 5-stars
Cathedral of St. Augustine

Cathedral of St. Augustine

Start the day off with a trip to the museum, site of Hippo Regius, and the Cathedral of St. Augustine. Explore large Roman mosaics and antiques found in the region that are on display at the museum. The archaeolgoical site hosts a large Roman forum and the famous, ‘Basilica of Peace’ where St. Augustine was bishop in the 5th century. The Catholic Cathedral of St. Augustine, built between 1881 and 1900, is located on top of a hill overlooking the site. Visit the Cathedral and pay particular attention to the stain glass windows which retell the story of Augustine’s life. Accomodation options: 3, 4, 5-stars
Annaba - Tiddis - Constantine
After breakfast, you will travel south to the hillside site of Tiddis and take a guided tour. At the entrance to the site, you will walk through the triumphal arch and pass by the sanctuary of Mithras. Your tour guide will point out the Christian basilica and the Roman houses. Later in the afternoon, travel to Constantine for a city tour. Located above the Rhumel Gorge, Constantine has a view that is sure to impress. Some of the sites you will visit may include the museum of Cirta, the suspension bridges, the Kasbah, and Palace of Ahmed Bey. Accomodation options: 3, 4, 5-stars
Constantine - Timgad - Batna
Timgad Roman ruins

Roman arch and columns at Timgad

Today you will drive from Constantine to Timgad and explore this site and museum. Here you will discover the library, temples, amphitheater, and arch of Trajan. After this, your group may want to have lunch and then travel to Lambaesis to see the large structure of the legionary base. Hotel Hazem will be your place to rest this night. Accomodation: Hotel Hazem, 3-star
Batna - Djemila - Setif
Today you will want an early start to travel north to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Djemila, meaning ‘Beautiful’ in Arabic. The site lives up to its name as it is uniquely situated amongst rolling hills. You will have a guided visit of both the museum and the historic site. Explore the forum, basilicas, baptisteries, arch of Caracalla, Temple des Septimes, well-preserved Roman market, and theatre. Your next stop will be the city of Setif where you will take a guided tour through the Museum of Archaeology and see the grand mosaic called ‘The Triumph of Dionysos’. Accomodation options: 3, 4, 5-stars
Setif - Algiers
View of Algiers from Kasbah roof

View of Algiers from Kasbah roof

In the morning you will either take a flight or drive back to Algiers. When you arrive to Algiers you will have a guided tour and explore historical sites such as the ancient Kasbah, Bastion 23, or other sites that were missed on Day 1 or 2. Accomodation options: 3, 4, 5-stars
Algiers - Oran
In the morning, take a drive or a flight from Algiers to Oran. Upon arrival you will visit the Bey's Palace, 14th century fort of Merinid Sultan Abou Hassan, Church of Santa Cruz, which was built during the second half of the 16th century. There are unforgettable sites of the city and sea from the Church. If there is time you will go for a stroll along the harbor, and visit the district of Sidi El Houari and mosque. Accomodation options: 3, 4, 5-stars
Oran - Tlemcen - Oran
Harbor of Oran

Harbor of Oran, view from fort above

Depart early in the morning to the historic city of Tlemcen. Enjoy this historically rich city with visits to the 13th century Mosque of Sidi Bel Hassan, Great Mosque, and the 13th century ruins of ancient Mansourah. Return to Oran for night. Accomodation options: 3, 4, 5-stars
Oran - Algiers
Take a morning drive/flight back to Algiers. When you arrive visit the historic sites and museums that were missed on the Day 3 tour. Accomodation options: 3, 4, 5-stars
Departure - Algiers
Your guide will take you to the airport for your departure flight. *Itinerary subject to modification according to local conditions.