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Algeria Tourist Visa

Application Information

Algeria Tourist Visa

Application Information

Before traveling to Algeria you will be required to apply for an Algeria tourist visa. We recommend you apply at least 2-3 months before your departure date so that you receive your visa and passport in time for your trip. Most Algerian consulates will not accept a visa application 90-days before the start date of your planned Algeria tour. Below is some helpful information when applying for your tourist visa:

150 km till Algeria border sign

Algerian Consulates

Please follow the tourist visa and application guidelines on your respective Algerian consulate’s website. You will find the application forms and a detailed list of all documents and fees required when applying for your Algeria tourist visa. If you have any questions about the application, please call the consulate directly at the phone number provided on their website.


Canadian citizens:

Algerian Consulate in Canada:

General information:


USA citizens:

Algerian Consulate in the USA:


UK citizens:

Algerian Consulate in the UK:


Australian citizens:

Algerian Consulate in Australia:

Passports and stamp

Supporting Documents

You will be required to have a Letter of Invitation to apply for your Algerian tourist visa.

We will need each client’s full name, passport number, passport date of delivery and expiry, start and end tour dates, birth date, and profession. You can email us the information and send us a scanned copy of the photo page in your passport. Once we receive the required information, our Algeria travel partners will prepare a Letter of Invitation. When we have received the letter of invitation, we will email it to you to include in your application documents.

Our Algerian travel partner will file your tour program with the local authorities, Ministry of Tourism, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who will then notify the Algerian consulate that you will be applying. Once your Letter of Invitation has been sent to you, our Algeria travel partner will have filed your tour program with the local authorities. Applicants can usually apply for the visa 10-15 days after receiving the Letter of Invitation (if the Letter of Invitation is received 90 days before the tour start date). If you plan on applying early (more than 90 days before the tour start date) please include your telephone number in your application in case the consulate staff is waiting for your supporting documents for your tour from the local Algerian authorities.

If you need to apply between travels and have specific dates you need to apply, please call the consulate and let them know your situation.

In order to receive your passport and visa back in a timely manner, we recommend you mail the passport with an express courier. Please also be sure to double-check you have all required documents, photographs, and payments prepared before you mail in the application for your tourist visa to avoid delays.

**Mosaic North Africa and our Algerian travel partners DO NOT have a working relationship with the Algerian consulates and embassies. We CANNOT be held responsible if you are delayed in receiving the visa before the tour OR denied the tourist visa.

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