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Isabel – October 2022

Isabel posing between rock formations

Isabel – October 2022

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Isabel (Group of 9)

October 2022

Our trip to Algeria with Mosaic North Africa was an amazing tour that I can’t stop thinking about! It was excellently planned and included a diverse itinerary that included historical and cultural components which appeased all members of my tour group. I also appreciated that all the food (even the food in the Sahara) was so delicious! All the tour guides in each city were incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and accommodating to our needs and interests. We loved getting to chat with them about their lives and learning about their culture.

The highlight of the trip for me was the camping trip in the desert. To be honest, I was dreading it since I didn’t enjoy my last experience camping in the desert, but being in Djanet blew all my expectations away! We had great camping tents and mattresses and blankets that all seemed new and clean. The guides also set up tables and folding chairs for us at every meal, and even had the foresight to plan a snack time for us every day. Every day was fun and exciting, exploring new scenery and new aspects of the desert. We did see a lot of cave paintings, which got a little repetitive, but they were also canyons, dunes, and differently shaped rocks that kept things interesting.

Highly recommend going on a trip with Mosaic North Africa. They will definitely cater to your interests and give you a tour that you will enjoy!

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