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Sahara Desert Adventure Tour

14 Days * 13 Nights

Sahara Desert Adventure Tour

per person
14 Days ~ 13 Nights
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  • Included
    Accommodations Described in Tour Plan
    Airport Pick-up & Drop-off
    All Meals & Water While in Djanet and/or Tamanrasset
    Domestic Flights
    Driver & Private Transportation
    English-Speaking Guide/Manager
    Entrance Fees to Sites
    Letter of Invitation for Visa Application
    Security Escort Where Needed (determined by Tour Manager)

Tour Plan

Arrival - Algiers

The city of Algiers at night

Upon arrival in the historic city of Algiers, your guide will take you to the hotel for a rest. When you feel ready, you will take a downtown walking tour, including the Grande Poste, the port, and historic mosques. If you have time head up to the picturesque view from the Basilica Notre Dame d’Afrique.  For those with early morning arrivals, you may want to spend the afternoon on a tour through the historic UNESCO World Heritage Kasbah. Accommodation Options: 3, 4, 5-star Hotel
Algiers - Tipaza - Tomb of the Christian - Tamanrasset
Roman Ruins along the sea

Tipaza Roman ruins on the Algerian coast

After breakfast, you will travel to Tipaza for beautiful views and well-preserved Roman ruins along the Mediterranean Sea. Explore its historic basilica, said to be the largest in North Africa. If you enjoy seafood, you may want to try a local restaurant nearby for a fresh fish lunch. Next, continue on to Cherchell to visit two archaeological museums hosting many Roman antiquities. Finally, on your way back to Algiers, you will stop at the mysterious pyramid-like structure of the Tomb de le Christian. Your next transfer will be to the deep desert town of Tamanrasset. Most flights run later in the evening. On arrival, transfer to a local guesthouse. Accommodations: Local Guesthouse
Tamanrasset - Assekrem - Hoggar

The breathtaking view of the Akarakar Plateau

After breakfast, you will depart for Aghaggar National Park, towards the beautiful mountain of Assekrem. Weave through spectacular lunar-like mountain formations of the Akarakar Plateau. Stop to see the oasis, Water Guelta of Afilal. After lunch continues your travels toward Assekrem. If timed right, you will hopefully arrive in time for an incredible sunset view. Accommodations: Basic Camping
Hoggar - Tanguet
If you are an early bird, wake up early to climb to a high point to see the sunrise. Rumor has it, Assekrem is the world’s most beautiful location for sunrises and sunsets. The rest of your day will be spent exploring local sites, including ancient rock paintings dated to 6000 BC. Return to Tanguet for dinner. Accommodations: Basic Camping
Tanguet - Tahifet

A small shelter on a rocky plateau

In the morning, depart Tanguet to spend the afternoon passing through and exploring the picturesque regions of Tamekreste. Expect to stop at the villages of indigenous Touarègues Indalag and the village of Tahifet. These stops will give you keen insights into life in the Sahara. Along the way, view the historic paintings and engravings that are unique in this region. Accommodations: Basic Camping
Tahifet - Tamanrasset
Today you will take a travel back to Tammanrasset and explore the city if there is time. The night will be in a local guesthouse. Tonight, you will take a night flight to Djanet. Upon arrival, you will transfer to a guesthouse to rest before your Sahara adventure continues. Accommodations: Basic Camping
Djanet - D’In-Djarena

An off-road 4x4 parked on a Sahara sand dune

The entry point for your legendary adventure through the deep Sahara Desert is the oasis town of Djanet. Located on edge of the vast sand dunes of Erg Admer, this is your last stop before entering the Tassili mountains. In the morning you will meet your team of guides and drivers and depart in a 4x4 for Tadrart. Equipped with all the gear you’ll need, head towards the extraordinary landscape of Sahara Desert mountains, canyons, and rock arches. Later today, be ready to see lost, ancient rock art paintings (12,000 BC to 100 AD) depicting cattle, giraffes, and people. Your guides will prepare you dinner and camping arrangements in the canyon of D’In-Djarena, surrounded by yellow dunes for your first night under Saharan stars. Accommodations: Sahara Desert Camping
Tadrart / Moul El Naga

Campsite prepared for a night in a canyon.

Continue through the picturesque Tadrart region along El Biredj, which is a wide desert canyon and valley to Moul el Naga. As you trek deeper into the Sahara, the grand sand dunes will change from a light color to a unique and beautiful reddish-orange hue. Accommodations: Sahara Desert Camping
After enjoying breakfast surrounded by incredible natural beauty, depart in 4x4 for In Zouatane. You will spend another day surrounded by spectacular other-worldly landscapes and dunes. Your guide will stop at various places to see the ancient rock art, which will give you an idea of how this Sahara region was once a wildlife-rich savannah plain. Accommodations: Sahara Desert Camping
Zouatane - Tin Merzouga

Some mega sand dunes can take hours to hike

Coming up, you’ll see distinct rock formations that have been carved by wind and rain over centuries. Check out the locally famous "hedgehog" rock, standing alone in its barren landscape. Throughout the day your guide will make additional stops at various rock formations and arches. The guide team will set up camp at Tin Merzouga, which is near the Niger and Libyan border. If you dare, hike up the nearby ‘red-colored’ sand dunes. Reaching up to 18,000 feet high, these dunes offer unforgettable views. Accommodations: Sahara Desert Camping
Tin Merzouga - Oued Amais
In the morning, depart by 4x4 for more once-in-a-lifetime adventures. If you have time, stop by a ‘World Cup’ rock formation and a hidden oasis. Finally, continue to Oued Amais to see the famous crying cow painting. Accommodations: Sahara Desert Camping
Djanet - Algiers
Today you will take a flight back to Algiers. When you arrive in the city, you will check into the hotel and spend time relaxing after such an incredible Sahara adventure. If you have time in the afternoon, you may also tour some of Algiers. Accommodation Options: 3, 4, 5-star Hotel

Algeris' Botanical Garden. Seen right: Monument to the Martyr

Today you will have a full day exploring Algiers. Visit the Bardo Museum set in a beautiful neo-Moorish villa, the Museum of Antiquities and Islamic Art, the UNESCO World Heritage Casbah, historic mosques, and other sites that you may have missed on Day 1. Accommodation Options: 3, 4, 5-star Hotel
If you have time before your flight, your guide will show you more of the historical sites in the city. Your driver will take you to the airport for your departure flight. Accommodation Options: 3, 4, 5-star Hotel *Itinerary subject to modification according to local conditions. **This is an adventure tour, please make sure you are physically fit for difficult walking and driving terrain.

*This tour qualifies for an Algerian tourist visa on arrival because more than 70% of this tour is in the southern Algerian region.