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Ramon – November 2019

Ramon – November 2019

Customer Review


November 2019

The trip was amazing!  I really enjoyed it from beginning to end and felt very well taken care of, especially by Azzedine and Mustafa.  Azzedine especially showed a lot of enthusiasm and more importantly, knowledge about the places we visited (it was a demanding crowd).  His knowledge was deep and comprehensive, we drank it all in.  Mustafa brought us to some fantastic restaurants in Algiers etc, he definitely understood what we were looking for (places with wine and ambiance).

The only thing I would have changed was the hotel accommodation in Algiers. It was fine and very well-located, but having the option to stay in a five-star hotel would have been welcome….

Sahara was a highlight.  Karem was quieter and reserved, but I understand the expectation might be a little different versus what we had in the north.  Absolutely fantastic experience being in the Sahara, personally I would have preferred two nights of camping versus a night in the town.

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