Prices & Payment

Prices & Payment


For those interested in seeing our payment options, cancellation policies, and how to secure payment for your tour please read below.

Securing Tour Payments:

In order to secure your tour Algeria Travel and Tours requires a deposit of $300 Canadian Dollars. After deposit has been completed and received we begin the reservations of hotels and transportation. Full payment is due 60 days before arrival.

Payment Methods:

Algeria Travel and Tours accepts payment by credit card, wire transfer, and cheque. We accept credit card payments from VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS. Credit card payments are processed through PayPal. You have the option of requesting an invoice from AT&T where you can enter your own credit card information, or you can call your information to AT&T and we will process the payment through Mosaic North Africa who owns and operated AT&T.

Wire transfers must be sent in to our Canadian bank Account.

For those wishing to save 2% on the total cost of their tour please ask us about payment with cheques. For our clients outside of Canada wishing to pay with cheque Algeria Travel and Tours will adjust the tour costs to make up for the exchange rates.

Cancellation Policy:

If you must cancel your reservation after making a deposit the following fees apply for normal groups.

Services Rendered/Days before tour

Sale & $300 Deposit Made

Reservations are Confirmed

Tour packet & Vouchers done.

Cancellation fee/Refund per person

$50 Admin Fee only / (refund $250 of deposit)

$150 Admin + Reservation Fee/ (refund $150)

$300 Admin, Reservation, & Documentation/ $0


Invoice normally paid 60 days before tour

60-21 days before Travel

0-21 days before Travel

50% Invoice is forfeit – (refund 50%)

100% Invoice is lost – no refund


Reduction in Group size: If some member or members of a private tour party cancel, the increased unit cost to run the tour for the reduced number of members will be calculated by Algeria Travel and Tours. The increase in cost per person will need to be covered by the remaining travelers or the canceling member(s).

Security Cancellations: Algeria Travel and Tours reserves the right to cancel any tour at any time if we feel that the safety of the travelers may be compromised. If tour is canceled 30 days before tour start date then full refund will be issued to the client. If 30-0 days before tour start date full refund minus the tour deposit will be returned. If for security reasons the tour is canceled during your trip refund will be given based days remaining on the tour.

Emergency Cancellations: Foreign governmental decisions resulting in our inability to provide the tour as anticipated may have to result in tour cancellations. We reserve the right to cancel a tour if the currency exchange has more than a 20% impact on the price; in which case we may cancel and refund all payments received to date or offer to provide the tour at the new exchange rate. If we are unable to provide the tour for other unforeseeable reasons or emergencies we will refund all payments received to date as a full settlement.

To protect your travel investment, we highly recommend that you obtain CANCELLATION Insurance.