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My wife and I had a wonderful time on the Classical Algeria tour provided by Mosaic North Africa. We visited six classical (principally Roman) town sites and four museums which in themselves are very interesting places of enormous historical value. The guides which Mosaic North Africa provided were each very well informed and led us around these great places supplying lots of information in a thoughtful and well presented way.

Mosaic organised a memorable tour for us—in the space of two weeks we managed to visit exquisite Roman ruins, beautiful settlements with traditional mudbrick architecture, and to enjoy the varied desert landscape of the south, with its elegant painted rock art as well as its truly extraordinary carved monumental images of cattle, giraffes, and elephants.

I had an amazing time on my recent trip to Algeria with Mosaic North Africa. Algeria was such a beautiful country - both culturally and geographically. I really enjoyed our guide Rafik. He was able to give so much valuable history in a very presentable and informative way. The food during our time in the desert was amazing and we were so well taken care of by our guides. I would love to go back again soon in the near future.

Excellent trip! Everything was very well organized, the guides were very professional and made the trip an optimal experience for me. All great, I want to highlight especially the guide of Oran, very professional and pleasant. I am recommending the trip to Algeria with Mosaic North Africa to all my friends and acquaintances. Thank you very much for such a well organized trip.

We had a wonderful tour and experience in Algiers with Ancicene and Rafik and Mastafa.  Mohammed Tejik on the archeological sites was certainly in his area of expertise.  Algeria was a delightful surprise.  We had as thorough of a mini course in history, archaeology and sociology as we could absorb.  Thanks.